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Roses are red. Violets are blue. Seniors deserve fun activities…that boost wellness, too! These creative Valentine’s Day activities will help your senior community’s residents celebrate the season of love – and live their best life.

“Hearts” and Crafts Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

Crafts aren’t just a form of leisure. Studies show that crafting can boost happiness by as much as 81%. To add the benefits of socialization to crafting, create events around these Valentine’s Day activities for seniors.

Valentine Decorations

Plan Valentine’s Day activities for seniors that focus on décor. To improve resident confidence and create a festive atmosphere, display their artwork throughout your facility.

  • Stained Glass Windows: This safe variation of making stained glass decorations doesn’t involve ironing wax paper…but the results are just as beautiful.
  • Handmade Valentines: Valentine’s Day activities for seniors aren’t complete without the sharing of actual valentines! Host a party so residents can make their own.
  • Secret Admirer Tree: Don’t put that Christmas tree away! Set out a basket of paper hearts. Seniors can write anonymous compliments for other residents and hang them on the tree.
  • Valentine Mailbox: Using simple items like shoeboxes, residents can make a valentine mailbox to hang outside their door.
  • Chain of Love: The traditional Christmas chain gets a Valentine’s Day upgrade. Residents write the name of a loved one on each link in the chain, then work as a group to tape each piece together.

Smitten Knittin’ Party

Launch Valentine’s Day activities for seniors who have a knack for knitting. Team up with a local homeless shelter and invite seniors to knit a hat or pair of mittens. Not only will seniors feel good about helping those in need, studies show that knitting makes people feel happier.

Coloring Circle

Coloring is an effective relaxation activity. Plus, research reveals it helps protect cognitive function in seniors. Add this popular pastime to your Valentine’s Day activities for seniors.

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