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Success Story from Our Therapy Gym

Our team feels blessed to have worked with Jeane! Seeing how she persevered through her therapy sessions gave us so much joy. We throughly love having her be a part of our Northview family!

Read about Jeane’s experience below…

“I want to thank the therapists and staff at Northview for all of their care. They are the best.” – Jeane

“I fell at home and fractured my right femur. After surgery I was informed that I could not bear weight on my right leg for six to eight weeks (bummer) so I elected to have my rehab at Northview Health and Living (West Cross Street) and was glad they had a vacancy in their Rehab unit at that time.

I tend to be a control freak and here I was at the mercy of others for everything. I was blessed that I had friends and family who would look after my home and pets for the extended period and the staff soon let me know that they would provide me with top quality care.

Therapists worked on my upper body (Occupational therapy) and my lower body (Physical therapy) to strengthen muscles so that I could safely use a walker for ambulation. We worked together to establish a care plan based on my activities in my home. I have to say that they had their work cut out for them in that my body had not seen any great amount of exercise for many moons, but that did not deter them…they worked with me seven days a week and added new tasks every few days to further challenge my lazy muscles. I was so impressed with the quality of my therapy that I chose to do my outpatient therapy at their facility rather than do it in my home.

All the staff at NorthView were friendly and I never heard “That’s not my job” …most of the time their conversations began with “How may I help you?” … to many of the clients, the Northview staff become their family…

I arrived at the facility prior to Halloween and was dismissed prior to Christmas so I participated in their activities. The staff created a “Haunted House” and invited children and friends of employees to trick or treat at the facility…the clients were also invited to attend and give out candy (provided) to the children…what a night that was…the children were all dressed up in costumes and the clients really had a great time interacting with the children. Decorating for Christmas was important since the facility was home for many of the clients and no detail was left untouched…

Eventually the healing happened and I prepared to return home…the final exam was a home visit so that the Rehab staff were assured that I could function at home without constant supervision (I was nervous) but due to my family’s persistence I had recently installed a ramp to access my home and renovated my shower to accommodate me, so I passed inspection and home I went…

I want to thank the therapists and staff at Northview for all their care…they are the bes

– Jeane Atkinson, Rehab Patient

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