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LifeStream Services presents: Teepa Snow

This is a special educational workshop from LifeStream Services for Dementia Professionals & Caregivers.

Event Date:

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

8:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Purdue Polytechnic Center
1920 Purdue Parkway
Anderson, IN 46016

Workshop Information

Teepa will spend the day educating attendees on two important topics:

Brain Changes in Dementia
This session will improve the learner’s understanding of the brain changes that occur during the process of dementia. Learners will understand the changes within the structure of the different parts of the brain that are often observed, and the ways in which these changes often vary based on the type of dementia present. Learners will also understand the ways in which these structural changes contribute to changes in everyday function. This session will also address the differences between “normal” and “not normal” aging. The goal of this session will be to increase awareness of dementia as a disease with an emphasis on empathy and understanding the condition.

Using a Positive Approach to Dementia Care
Those who interact with people living with dementia often struggle with how to react to occurences as repeatedly asking the same questions or telling the same stories, accusing others of stealing items that they themselves have hidden, making rude or inappropriate comments, calling people names, or using profanity. Because behavior can change from one moment or day to the next can vary widely between individuals, it may seem like the person living with dementia is deliberately choosing their behavior. The goal of this session is to help attendees manage their own attitude and behavior for improved outcomes and interactions.

This session will provide learners strategies and methods of providing assistance to individuals living with dementia using their retained abilities to promote positive outcomes in interactions. Emphasis will be placed on helping learners to approach people with dementia safely and consistently, provide verbal support and responses that reduce distress, and improve social engagement. The session will be very interactive with the goal of providing knowledge, skills and attitudes that will change daily outcomes of dementia care.

About Teepa
Teepa Snow is one of the world’s leading advocates and educators for anyone living with dementia or other forms of brain change.

Teepa is an Occupational Therapist with over forty years of rich and varied clinical and academic experience. Her philosophy is reflective of her education, work experience, medical research, and first-hand caregiving experiences.


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Angie Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator

Learn more and sign up at lifestreaminc.org/teepasnow or call 765-759-1121

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